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49 Quick Decks Hockey with Dice and Tokens

49 Quick Decks Hockey with Dice and Tokens

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NOTE: This product will be available again in the fall of 2024.

Quick Decks Hockey is a standalone strategy simulation of hockey that you play out on the tabletop. This version includes all of the basics you need to play 49QDH, plus it includes 3 dice, 38 markers and a plastic storage box for these parts. 

Quick Decks Hockey utilizes Team Strategies and Player Skill ratings to determine the action on the ice. Teams and players play similar to how they did in real life. Can you find the magic strategy for your team to help them take that next step? Or get the best line matchup when you have home ice advantage? 49 Quick Decks Hockey gives you the chance.

What's included:
Game Box
48 Game Action Cards
36 Ice Action Cards
20 1-Man Advantage Cards
10 2-Man Advantage Cards
20 3 on 3 Cards
Main Game Board
3 dice: D6, D12, D20
40 tokens and markers with a plastic storage case
Charts to determine Penalties
Rule book and play through as .pdf (printed for free upon request)

Included Team Charts
1982 NY Islanders and Edmonton Oilers
1992 Montreal Canadiens and Los Angeles Kings
2018 St Louis Blues and Boston Bruins

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