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Hockey Team Charts & Player Cards, .pdf

Hockey Team Charts & Player Cards, .pdf

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Note: These are .pdf files that you will need to print. If you would prefer printed sheets, you need to go back and select one of the Printed options.

Replay hockey seasons from the past. You will get .pdf's of the Team Charts, Special Teams, Goalies, and two sheets per team of Individual Player Cards. You will also get an Excel spreadsheet of the Team Charts/Special Teams Charts which gives you the ability to change lineups and your special teams as your season progresses. This requires access to Excel and knowing how to cut and paste.

NHL Seasons:
1966-67, 1970-71, 1991-91, 2008-09, 2023-24 which includes the playoff set the week the regular season ends, the rest of the teams available on Jun 1, 2024. If you would like the full set printed (playoff teams to start are only available as .pdf), then use the option in the Printed Option

*** Requires 49 Quick Decks Hockey

2008-09 Van Team Chart
2008-09 Van Goalies
2008-09 Van Special Teams
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